Dawg Phonics


Dawg Phonics K9 Obedience Trainer and Owner, Trisha Antonelli, guarantee’s quick results with a positive and noticeable change in k9 behavior within days not months. Dawg Phonics gives you the tools needed to be an effective handler with your K9. It’s truly amazing how through obedience training you can see your K9’s transform from puppy like behavior into a confident, happy, reliable, trustworthy and fun loving companion.

Trisha comes to your home and we train according to your schedule. Working together she teach you how to gain the proper response from your canine. This allows the K9 to be a bigger part of the family rather than a nuisance or a fixture in the house. Conditioning your lifestyle to and or around your K9’s unwanted behavior can be detrimental to your K9. It will actually bring on stress related health issues and/or aggressive behaviors. Training your K9 to react to stimuli in a proper manner is better for them in handling our over stimulated world and rid them of any anxiety. Training brings the human- K9 bond even closer resulting a much happier relationship, healthier lifestyle and safe and enjoyable environment for you and your K9. That is why we train together at your home in your environment according to your lifestyle not in a facility. I can customize training needs for what your goal is not mine!

Dawg Phonics is NOT bound to leashes, bribing your canine with treats, manhandling or pinch collars. Trisha insists on maintaining positive training with a good attitude resulting in a much greater reward for the K9 and Owner. At the end of training you have the confidence to know you have the highest level of obedience at all times without regards to distractions or surroundings. We get you off leash control all though there is a Leash Law in Florida but at least you are not dependant on the leash. No Boundaries with Dawg Phonics we want you to enjoy your k9 to the fullest. Call us today for a free demonstration and see how Phoenix and Trisha do it!

Completion of the Basic Manners course will allow you to pass the good canine citizen, service and or therapy certification. I will prepare you for the test to get certified by the state. Note the graduation rate is 100% for those interested.