How Dawg Phonics started......


Trisha Robinson-Antonelli, Owner and Trainer of Dawg Phonics, was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana growing up in Florida. Before she discovered her passion, working with K9’s, she had spent most of her time in the Arts and Service Industry Businesses.

Certification to be a professional dog trainer came upon completing a yearlong understudy with Mike Harvey, her mentor. This allowed Trisha to work along her teacher’s side giving her the hands on experience needed to be an effective and positive trainer for a variety of canine obedience issues. Overall study included understanding the various breeds, multiple styles of training, along with the various problems a K9 may acquire without an effective correction. The hands on experience gave her the proper knowledge needed to be a successful and confident trainer dealing with multiple behavioral and social stressors with your canine.

Trisha is thankful everyday that she has the opportunity to bring owners and their K9s closer together. Giving those involved a better understanding of the companionship that is possible with proper training making relations harmonic.

Her own pack is all rescues. Trisha truly believes that you can find exactly what you are looking for in shelters. Rescues are so thankful and worth checking out.

Phoenix is Trisha's best friend, co-worker, work out partner and right hand Dog. He goes with her every day to work helping her teach dogs the rules of the human world. Phoenix, a Belgian Malinois & Red Heeler Mix, discovered in Miami through was abandoned by his previous owner and crated at the vets for 7 months before Trisha rescued him. He was completely shy and very introverted now look at her rock star! He is truly Amazing.