Trish, I want to thank you for all you have done for Biscuit and I. I was one of your worst customers, I was dead set against an E collar! You took your time and patients with me and showed me its proper use, it is not what I once thought. After our first visit I was convinced this was the way for us to go. I was ready to return my rescue because I had no control, he had me in tears so many times. You were our last resort and thank goodness a friend told me about you. I never felt so in control of my dogs frenzies with bicycles, skateboards, joggers, cats and squirrels, oh and barking. I was amazed after just a few lessons my dog was a complete gentleman. With just a few commands. I needed more training than he did. Now we can enjoy our walks in the park! Thank again, I will highly recommend the e collar.
— Cookie Flint
After two sessions, my youngest was getting involved with the training sessions and calling out commands. I can’t tell you just how much we appreciate the help from Trisha. My daughter (Madison) and Bailey are the bestest friends and finally fits in with the rest of the family.

So if you’re on the fence, about if this is the right program for your dog… DON’T BE! It’s so worth seeing your youngest child calling out commands and building her lifelong friendship with her best friend.
— Durham Family, Bradenton

We have a family of abused rescues pups each with different fears. The 2 females couldn’t be in the same room even without trying to get in a fight. The boy couldn’t leave the house without soiling himself and hiding from everybody and everything. What a change Dawg Phonics has made in our life. Today our girls can share a room and are beginning to learn to play together. The male has learned confidence and is able to let new people approach him without the uncontrollable body functions and shaking.We can not thank Trisha enough for her patience and dedication to our dogs.
— Katie Rose, Bradenton

Our dogs, Isabel and Vegas, were not getting along and things escalated from simple spats to full blown fights resulting in injuries. We had consulted multiple trainers and were becoming desperate for a solution when a friend suggested we call Trisha. She came to our home and did a demo with her dog, Phoenix, and even involved one of our dogs the same day. To say we were amazed at what she accomplished with him on that first day is an understatement. Trisha taught us so much more than we expected. She taught us basic and advanced obedience training, recall, and off leash walk and play. But she wasn’t finished. She also taught us how to recognize triggers and redirect attention and behaviour before the dogs lash out. Our dogs learned how to play and interact appropriately with each other and with other dogs, always looking to us for direction. They even learned a couple fun tricks! Isabel and Vegas are truly friends again and we have Dawg Phonics to thank for it. Thank you Trisha.
— Kat Greene, Bradenton

I had no idea how to control my new Rescue. I have always owned dogs but always raised them from puppies, so I never had to combat resource guarding and separation anxiety. Pet store training did nothing for the anxiety and focus issues Rogue had. Then a friend referred me to Trish. I didn’t think she would even agree to work with my hot mess of a dog, but she did. She built my confidence and my dog’s, and she has never given up on him. She gives owners the training they need to help their dogs be successful; no dog mom could ever ask for better.
— Jessica Henderson

Trisha Antonelli is a true professional with an abundance of knowledge and patience for both people and their pets. Our dog Chevy came to us from a rescue already knowing the commands sit and lay down, however he did not know how to properly walk on a leash, had very selective hearing, and would not come when called especially in an outdoor setting. The day that we met Trisha and Phoenix, we knew that she was the right choice to train Chevy. Trisha not only trained our dog, but she trained our family to be able to effectively communicate with Chevy. We are able to take Chevy anywhere and everywhere with the confidence that he has been properly trained and will listen no matter the circumstance.
— The Velazquez Family

I swear, as soon as Trish came to the house, Greta our GSD was ready to “work it” – My Son and myself realized we had to “work it” too. She is the most wonderful dog. Loves to work, play and obeys commands with little hesitation. I was delighted when we decided to get Greta. Now thanks to Trish we are even more delighted (if that’s possible)!
— Karen K.

My five year old, Clooney, fearless Chinese Crested! Clooney learned to have self control and to not be so stubborn with the training he has received from Dawg Phonics. He is a much happier, obedient and calmer boy!!
— Kathleen G.

PI wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for our dog Trina. Debbie and I first got Trina from the Sarasota Humane Society after being there for six months. She was the ultimate ADD dog. She couldn’t concentrate for two seconds without food being used as a bribe. As a decent size pit she was hard to control on walks almost to the point of pulling an arm out of a socket.

We hired you right away to help save us. You were able to add discipline to Trina’s life, instructing both her and us. You worked with her to obey commands and listen to us. We are now in synch with Trina, able to walk her without any problems. We are still careful of course because she is a pit bull but we know that she be by our side when we are out.

Now that our second dog Ginger is 7 months old, we will be calling you to begin training for her as well. Get ready for Ginger, she is quite the jumper.
— Tony F.