Demo / Evaluation

Monday - Saturday                      

8AM + 5PM • 75 MINUTES

Trish and Pheonix come to your home to demonstrate what the benefits of obedience training and gaining off  leash control can do for your household. This meeting is also to ensure the proper method of training is used for your pet. If you like what you see Trish will then demonstrate the preferred training methods on your canine.


Individual Class

Monday - Saturday               

8AM + 5PM • 60 MINUTES

Obedience Training consist of up to 6 private lessons. The first 4 lesson are done in your home and in your environment (ie work). We then graduate to 2 public outing aka field trips. Once you have completed with success and gained off leash control, you are then invited to group sessions. Please contact us or set up a demo for more information.


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